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BeShared is a leader among the Bulgarian agencies that specialize in digital and social media marketing.

Through our work with over 600 brands, the company has reaffirmed its skill to meet every business' needs and requirements by offering the best means for development and by using the most current tools and practices in the digital and creative field.
At BeShared, we never settle for anything less than fulfilling our exact goals as our success is our clients' success. We can create wholesome solutions for your business to guarantee its success.

Borislav Aytov


Borislav has worked in television and for a number of on and offline media outlets. He will suggest ideas regarding the development of effective and innovative solutions for creative advertising, as well as for communication channels with clients.

Angel Aytov

Software Architect

Angel has transitioned into the 21st century by writing a code… He is now striving for his code to pass into the 22nd century.

Martina Nikolova

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Creative and positive, there’s nothing she cannot accomplish. She makes work fun which guarantees consistently great results. Martina has knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing and can make a success out of every marketing strategy. Being a Sagittarius means only one thing – she always aims for the right target and never misses.

Christina Georgieva

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Christina’s experience in all forms of advertising aids the successful integration of your ad campaigns on social media. Her creative flair and love for writing are components sure to create unique and imaginative content that will set your brand apart from the competition and will contribute to long-lasting emotional ties between your business and its customers.

Samuil Petkanov


The author of, Samuil is a publicist and, to an extent, a journalism student. His job at BeShared is that of a copy/paster which is similar to copywriting, only far less pretentious and obnoxious. Taurus.

Deyan Ivanov

Sales Manager

With 7 years worth of experience in the fields of media and sales, Deyan has made a habit out of providing key clients with high-quality services. His work is based on relationship management which means he will be the one to meet with you and suggest the best decisions. You can trust him to be in the know about all ad activities our company carries out.

Lychezar Stoyanov

Graphic Designer

A creative machine – ONE MAN ARMY! There’s nothing he can’t do.

Georgi Talov


He is quick to solve and prioritize problems optimizing engaging content.

Dzhenko Zlatev

Full Stack Software Engineer

Dzhenko was born to program and programs to feel rejuvenated! Dzhenko has a sixth sense for solving technical problems. He manages to stay fresh and well-focused in complicated situations. We are happy to have him in our elite team.

Nadezhda Stoyancheva

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Creative and strong-willed, Nadezhda is as passionate about her job as she is about her favorite football teams.

Martin Kirilov

Graphic Designer

Martin describes himself as an addictive dude who can't stand shkembe soup, waking up too early and when people wear sandals with socks, . We must add that his talent and creativity also make him an invaluable member of our digital army.










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