Creating and Maintenance of Website

BeShared has been consulting, creating and maintaining websites since 2007. Our web team is constantly growing while preserving its core – extensive experience in web development. We have successfully completed projects, focused on UX optimization and unique design, as well as several back-office systems with complex business functionalities in the field of financial management.


Most of our apps are Java-based. Our specialists have over 10 years of experience and we teach the new members of our teams this algorithm language. We use a number of Spring frame-based technologies such as Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVS, as well the reliable libraries by Apache. As a multi-platform language, Java allows us to develop high-level desktop, mobile and server programs.


Nowadays Node.js as a server platform is preferred by our clients with whom we work as an extended team. Many companies choose this technology due to the popularity of JavaScript as a backend language and the easier engagement of Full Stack JavaScript engineers on the IT market.


This is one of our leading development platforms. We have very good experience, mostly with Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. Some of our most extensive projects are based on PHP.


One of our favorite component-based frameworks. The simplicity and ease when working with it have made it a preferred framework for social-oriented applications, using its greatest strengths – JSX and Virtual DOM.


This is, without a doubt, the #1 framework for implementing our back-office systems. The variety of components, stability and maintenance by Google make it a good tool for every experienced programmer. BeShared has several develop platforms that are entirely based on Angular with Flex layout and Material design.


BeShared’s front-end team has significant experience in the usage of HTML, CSS, SCSS of the presentational layer of an app’s architecture. We stick to the best trends for responsive design and we always strive to develop apps that work well on all popular devices and browsers.