Let’s Talk About Social Media

Social media has a vast influence on society’s behavior and attitude, world-wide. More and more businesses head to social media outlets pursuing one particular goal – to grow and develop. The Internet is a vastly dynamic place and that is the exact reason everyone chooses to be part of the digital world. With the right treatment and through strong messages, you are guaranteed to make your advertising approach effective and as a result, you will be able to discover new opportunities for your business.


Maintaining Facebook Pages

A Facebook page is the essential new face of your brand – always dynamic, current and responsive. Your approach to treating your “fan-base” is a reflection of the way you would treat them as your potential clients. The percentage of active fans on your page determines the total number of your audience you will reach with your adverts.

Our team will make sure your Facebook page is always updated, appealing, useful and sought after by your clients.

Facebook Apps

BeShared’s team can create an app for your Facebook page, based on your creative ideas and within the parameters you set for us.

Facebook apps change the entire experience for those who use social media by contributing to the upkeep of the attractive, interactive and current image of your brand.

Adding New Text

BeShared has a highly-effective channel through which the connections between people on social media are strengthened and thus, the “scope” of your advert is broadened.

Our team utilizes a multitude of theme-based fan pages that have millions of followers and a high percentage of active customers who are looking for the information you provide.

Popularizing the brand. Engaging the audience.

The most valuable resource social media provides is the opportunity for an effective and engaging advertising of your business. Sharing content on social media is the best way to communicate with current and potential clients, as well as with future members of your company’s staff. The informal environment that is typical of Facebook contributes to approachable interactions between the brand and its clients.

BeShared will help you utilize all of Facebook’s functions in order to popularize your brand and to establish lasting relationships with your clients.

Creating and Managing Adverts

The creation and maintenance of Facebook advertising is a complex process. In order to be successful, it needs to be based on a number of social factors. BeShared’s team creates proposals and strategies for the effective management of your budget which guarantees the attractive and appropriate targeting of your ad messages. Combined with daily monitoring and optimization of your ads, this guarantees the fulfillment of your goals.

The effective management of advertising is of immense importance for its success. BeShared can help you with the Facebook’s structure regarding payments. We will offer you a daily budget for completion of CPC and CPI, as well as suggestions for the optimization of your budget for achieving the best results.

Reports and Analytics

BeShared creates and provides regular analytics on the success and scale of every ad campaign. Analytics include detailed information about the following indicators: the number of unique customers who have seen your advert (Reach), the social effect or the number of people who have discovered your advert through their friends (Social Reach), the number of clicks (Clicks), the average price paid for the number of impressions or clicks (CPM, CPC), the number of users that have engaged with your post (Engaged users), the number of unique users your post has reached (Post Reach).

The way current analysis work is based on the principle of a barometer and thus, a drastic change in the methods used in the campaign is made possible. All of this is aimed at achieving optimization and success.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has become not only the epitome of the successful, viral communication but is also the world’s most influential social media outlet. Users worldwide are currently over 1,440,000,000. Each and every one of them upload, like and share content on a daily basis and of course, they interact.

2,500,000 of Facebook users are Bulgarian and their number increases constantly. Over 50% of them spend time on social media daily and spend six hours a week on there. These stats make Facebook the most visited online website, second only to Facebook.

Advantages of Facebook Advertisin


Facebook’s platform allows for advertising to be strictly segmented and targeted based on location, gender, age, interests, behavior. Those factors provide strong local influence.


Facebook’s audience reacts constantly to the content they see and their reactions can reach you in the fastest way possible.


Ad campaigns of every other kind (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, direct post) is much more expensive than advertising on Facebook / placement on Facebook.


Having a Facebook presence means you are presenting not only your brand in front of a vastly large audience but also that you have the opportunity to research their opinions, to receive feedback, to find out what the needs of your target audience are, and to generate ideas on how you can improve what you offer.


Facebook advertising has the benefit of getting your customers emotionally attached to your brand. The competent management of your Facebook page guarantees that your audience will be constantly targeted and informed on all new things regarding your brand.


The better your Facebook page is managed and maintained, the more “friends of the brand’s fans” will reach its publications / post and ad campaigns. Word of mouth is fully applicable here.

Facebook is an intelligently-built platform that provides visibility for the liked and shared content. After all, the audience trusts good reviews.