What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the important process of optimizing your website’s content, specifically for the search engines your potential clients use. The content itself is made easier to understand for search engines mentioned and as a result, your website appears higher up in the search results, depending on the keywords used.
There are two main types of optimization – internal (OnPage – it includes work on the actual page) and external (OffPage – in has to do with work outside of your website).

Through internal optimization, the information on your website is organized in a way that will be interpreted correctly by Google and the other search engines. This way, your website will appear whenever certain keywords are searched for.

To summarize, to achieve good-quality internal optimization you need: unique, high-quality content on your website (it must be authentic, not be copied) and a needed number of links from other good-quality websites to yours.


Through SEO you achieve better ranking in the search results that are generated by search engines, based on keywords. This is of utmost importance as this type or traffic on your website is the most targeted one.

What is the price for the achieving such results? The price depends on the competition, the number of keywords that need to be optimized for advertising purposes, on the hours needed for completion, etc. Because of these important variables, our prices are individually estimated.