Google AdWords

Advertising on Google Search

The Google Search page is the most visited website in the world. Every day a few billion users rely on Google to search what they are looking for. Where your business is concerned this means one thing – your presence there is a must.
Building and managing the ad campaign on Google Search
  • Generating quality traffic, through the visitors of your website.
  • Achieving top 3 positions/placements.
  • Improving your company’s image through ad presence on Google
  • Active usage of paid/sponsored results, with time, leads to an increased organic (unpaid) traffic.
Advertising on Google Search is consisted of boxes of text that get activated when certain keywords (searches) are entered by your users. Every search activates an auction that is carried out within a fraction of a second. If your ad meets the requirements of the particular auction, it gets activated and is positioned, according to its relevance, rating, current performance, as well as to your bid and the quality and speed of your website.
Paying for the ad text boxes only happens with a user clicks on the ad. This particular kind of payment is also known as PPC (pay-per-click). Google has a highly-effective system that detects invalid clicks – if your competition decides to click on your ads numerous times the system detects this and restores the amount of money spent on invalid clicks.
The ad text boxes consist of a title (25 symbols), 2 lines of a description (2x35 symbols) and a link to your page. The search page offers 3 top/upper positions and additionally, another 7 that can be distributed to the right at the bottom of the page. The top 3 positions are preferable as users see them first and therefore, those positions generate the biggest number of clicks.

Display Advertising on Google

With more than 2 million partner websites and many owned by Google (YouTube, Gmail and Android), Google’s services, their display network offers a number of ways to engage your audience and clients.
Building and managing of Google’s Display advertising network
- Generating quality traffic to your website
- Improving your company’s image
- Positioning the ad content at the very top position

Similarly to advertising on Google Search we can use text boxes in this instance too. Aside from the, we also have options for banners (including animated ones), video and the so-called rich media formats.

Advertising on the Display network get activated not through searches by the users. Instead, the activation occurs when a user is visiting a website from Google’s network that is thematically linked to your ad.

The ways to reach to your clients are different – through keywords (contextual), topics and interests and also – through direct positioning, a.k.a., choosing websites that allow Google advertising and the positioning of ad content on their pages.

The main advantages of display advertising are the low pricing, broad coverage of websites and the assortment of ways to target audiences. The payment is, once again, pay-per-click.

How Do We Stand Out?

Our specialists are qualified experts that have passed all certification examinations – AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advanced, Display Advanced and Video Advertising Advanced (YouTube advertising).

We work on your campaigns every day as we believe this is the only method of high-quality maintenance.

Apart from the regular weekly and monthly reports we will also provide you with the option of monthly consultations and discussing ad campaigns.